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About us

The world of urban fashion has been and always will be triggered by many challenges. It is up to brands to unite and lead it to a new revolution where we won't only wear - but feel fashion in a whole new way. That is one of our major goals at 1INMIND. Being the one-stop destination for unique urban apparel in the world, we continuously strive to take fashion to the next edge and prove how innovative and changing it can be. Our approach to fashion is bold, brave and energetic. We are here to build a new sense of understanding and a new way of wearing. We challenge you to feel our vibe - the vibe that made our vision real and the vibe that connects thousands of urban warriors around the world.

We came up with the brand idea during the cold winter days of Denmark when we decided to cooperate over the intention to create a revolutionary style of dressing that actually combines beautiful design, functionality and comfort. To this very day each one of us thinks back and reflects on the freezing windy mornings when our group used bikes to go across town in order to get to the university.
While passing bus stops in the small Danish town of Horsens, we saw a bunch of people waiting for public transportation and they were seemingly unhappy while doing so - you could easily tell they were cold and in need to have better weather safety that does not cost a lot, but that needs to look good and, of course, be protective of the person from the weather.
Every day we faced a dilemma of how to properly dress in terms of having maximum comfort for the upcoming severe weather, but at the same time to look stylish and not to feel embarassment when being gazed upon from the eyes of people surrounding us.
We simply realized the need for proper GEAR to be created and we managed to find the best combination to ease the lives of urban society and mostly the people who spend a decent part of their life moving through the streets or waiting at bus stops, subway stations, etc.

Driven by instinct, we quietly began to construct a new shift in urban fashion. Combining the best fabrics and our clothing taste we made a bold, unique and minimalistic statement and that is how the first model of the brand was developed.

The brand name is owned and operated by MKG Tex Ltd. VAT: BG205291736