What makes a garment “good”?

What makes a garment “good”?

So what makes a garment good? That’s a really good question! There isn’t really a single answer that can satisfy everyone, because well... everyone has their own set of preferences, their own style, criteria and standards to which they would measure a garment. In other words, it’s a very complex matter and it all boils down to personal preference in the end.

Some of the basic criteria are as follows:

  • The Quality

Quality can be divided into two categories:

- Quality of the fabrics used – to the general user there might not be much difference  from the fabric one garment uses to the fabric another uses, but there are hundreds of different fabrics. Fabrics are classified according to their component fibres into silk,  wool, linen, cotton, such synthetic fibres as rayon, nylon, and polyesters, and so on.

- Quality of each fabric depends on several factors, such as the quality of the raw material used and the character of the yarn spun from the fibres, whether clean,  smooth, fine, or coarse and whether hard, soft, or medium twisted. Density of weave  and finishing processes are also important elements. Fabrics can also provide interesting properties such as being water/wind proof, they can be fire resistant, very  tough, durable, ultra-light, they can bear electronics and more and more properties are being invented with time.

- Quality of the craftsmanship – when addressing craftsmanship, think of the way the fabrics are being assembled/stitched together, mainly by seams. Your garment might be made of top quality fabrics, soft to the touch, yet highly durable with amazing properties such as water & dirt repellent, anti-bacterial, yet if the seams are lousy, your garment will not last long.

  • The Style

The style of the garment is probably the most determinant factor based on which a person makes his choice, more so than the general “quality” of the garment. The most basic styles are:

- Casual

- Business

- Urban

From there on there are many sub types of style inspired by almost everything and anything. There are styles such as Punk. Goth, Bohemian, Vintage, Hipster, 50s, 70s, Street-smart, even Steampunk; styles heavily inspired by cultural affinity such as the traditional garments people wear in Japan (Kimono), India (Sari), UAE (Thawb) and so many more.

Style however can be heavily influenced by different factors such as the general opinion of people toward certain trends. Affinities may quickly shift and chance as the nature of the fashion/clothing industry is generally a turbulent one.

- The Details

To be continued....

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