I’m sure that you have fa ced the hard task of finding the right clothing for the summer at least once. Do you come across T-shirts with an interesting pattern, but uncomfortable fabric or comfortable, but boring design? Well I’ve been there too and it’s absolutely frustrating, am I right? Every one of us searches for THAT T-shirt – a quality model that just stands out. That’s where our inspiration came from – we wanted to create the perfect garments for the modern urban man.

We from 1INMIND always think of new ways to help you express your personal style and that’s why our designers developed the innovative “Longline Free” fit – extended and slightly tailored style. Our team also created side zippers that not only give the clothing non-standard look, but also allow wider waist, combining eccentricity and comfort in one. The sleeves are 2/4 long, but we also think of the people preferring more standard lengths and that’s how   the idea of adjustable sleeves through lycra  was born.

For us the T-shirt is not only a T-shirt, but art, thought over the tiniest detail. Inspired by the thought that not everything is what it seems, the designers from 1INMIND created NUCLEAR POWER TREE. At first it gives you a sense of nature, making the illusion of a tree. Looking more carefully, you realize that you are looking at a cloud of ash, shaping the “nuclear mushroom”. The idea of provoking two contrary feelings simultaneously, is what makes us different.

Our approach is bold, brave and energetic. We are here to create a new sense of understanding. We dare you to feel the real wave of emotions and sensations with our clothes, a wave that made our outlook real and connects thousands urban warriors all over the world.

Be different, be bold, be 1INMIND!

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