Copa América Centenario - The Beginning of International Football

Copa América Centenario - The Beginning of International Football

At the beginning of international football stood South America and it embodied football, and football belonged to it…

In the year of 1863 a sport is born. A sport which throughout the years has grown into much more for the people who embrace it. A sport which brings together nations, empires and even continents. A sport which not only brings them together, but makes them equal. The innumerable supporting communities of this sport are diverse, they are made of fans from all walks of life – coming from different professions, backgrounds, incomes and ways of life. The year of 1863, the year when a religion called FOOTBALL was born. A religion because much like the Greek Pantheon, it holds many Gods, all of whom named. They are people like us, but have made their mark on history for being incredible, remarkable and even supermen, mesmerising millions with their plays. Pele, Maradona, Carlos Valderrama, Ronaldo Luís Nazário de Lima, Gabriel Batistuta, Ronaldinho, Messi, all of them have given and some keep doing so, all of them have enriched the football game with their presence. Through their moves, skills and style they help us understand the beauty of this sport and never forget that football is not just competition, first and foremost it is – entertainment. The above mentioned names have not been chosen by chance. They all share a common trait. It is not their nationality, neither their appearance. Nor is the fact that they have been and still are amazing athletes and virtuosos at handling the ball. These legends are a part of a long list of names which have taken part in the oldest football tournament for national teams – Copa América Centenario.

We of 1INMIND could not ignore the fact that this year is the marking of 100 years since the founding of the tournament. Inspired by history and with a vision of the future we undertaken the uneasy task of creating a garment worthy of bearing the name “COPA”. The intricate design of our t-shirt is a combination of the glorious past and fashion trends of the present. We chose the finest, lightest and strongest fabrics, which would carry comfort and the sensation for quality to the owner of our COPA. As the main element in COPA we chose the symbol that stood for strong character, relentlessness, courage and most of all – leadership – the captain’s armband bearing the colour symbolizing strength and class. Our intentions were to create a garment which incites spiritual satisfaction and physical pleasure by being worn.

The COPA T-shirt is our child and it bears within the spirit of the days when legends such as Pele & Maradona were sprinting on South American football fields passing through some of the best players of their time and this memory makes us yearn for the 3rd of June 2016, when we would have the opportunity to observe the heroes of our time.

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