Tell us something about yourself...

- My name is Kaloyan Mateev and together with my partner Kristian Evtimov own a skate & street- culture shop in Varna.

What is your favourite style?

- I wear all kinds of clothes – from everyday casual to more a-typical and less standard stuff. But whatever I wear the dominant colours are neutral – black, white & grey.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

- Epic relaxation, walks and parties. These activities often inspire ideas I can use in my work.

What motivates you?

- Everything around me and my achievements.

What is your take on life?

- Be real, do what you like.

How does 1INMIND differ from other brands?

- What sets 1INMIND apart is their attention to detail, design and comfort in their clothes. They have a good presentation of their product and follow the latest tendencies.

How do you see the future of fashion/apparel?

- In the hands of young people with a lot of creativity and the desire to create something new.

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