There hardly is a man who, at some point in his life, hasn’t had a bomber jacket in his wardrobe. In fact, this jacket is still incredibly popular with men all over the world.

The classic bomber jacket has a signature design: it’s short, with zipped closures, and has got a ribbed elastic cuff on the sleeves. Wide-shouldered guys should stick to ribbed elastic waistband designs. The classic bomber jacket is an all-weather garment.

Comfortable and durable, the men’s bomber jacket has made its way into contemporary urban culture. It is a nice upgrade to your casual or sport-elegant style.

The main reason for the bomber jacket’s popularity is that it fits all body types.

Different Bomber Jacket Designs

There are different designs of the contemporary men’s bomber jacket and they are all made of different fabrics.

The 1927 design paved the way for the modern bomber jacket. It featured a knitted collar, cuffs, and waistband, and a buttoned-up closure. On both sides, there were two large pockets with buttoned flaps.

In 1931, the British A2 design was developed. It was made of horsehide or goatskin and had a thick, wool lining. The A2 jacket had heavy-duty fasteners, cuffs, and a knit waist. It also featured sturdy zippers.

The most distinguishing feature of the English design was the straps with massive buckles on the cuffs, waist, and neck. Decades later, they still inspire modern designers. The Iconic A1 and A2 models are the forefathers of many contemporary models, but the signature cut of the bomber jacket has remained unchanged. The years go by but the bomber jacket’s status as a street fashion icon will remain forever.

The Bomber Jacket’s History dates back to the years of WW I and WW II

The flight jacket is the grandfather of the contemporary men’s bomber jacket. It was designed as the service outerwear of military pilots who were rather cold up there. The lightweight jacket was a much more comfortable alternative to the extremely heavy and impractical coats that the pilots had been wearing until then. The narrow cuffs protected the pilot’s body from the cold air entering the cockpit, and so did the fitted waist and collar.

At the same time, the wide shoulder and torso cut allowed military pilots to move more freely in the cockpit. A long time has passed since the bomber’s military service. Today, it has become every man’s wardrobe staple.

Hollywood soon discovered the men’s bomber jacket as a symbol of the strong and confident man. In the 1950s, the bomber jacket became a fashion hit among young people. University athletes across the USA wore bomber jackets embossed with their teams’ mascots.

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