Designer t-shirts have always been men’s best-liked clothing item and they are likely to remain such in the future

You can put on a t-shirt in almost every situation and you’ll always be dressed up for the occasion. In the hot summer months, men wear a wide variety of t-shirt designs that give them the cool look and the comfort they’ve always wanted. More than anything else, every man’s wardrobe is full of designer t-shirts.

To make a high-quality originally-designed t-shirt, you need to use a variety of cuts, color patterns, labels, and finishing materials. Different t-shirt cuts are suitable for different activities and times of the day. On a hot summer day on the beach, you’d best put on a long-line, wide-neck t-shirt with rolled-up sleeves. In the evening, you can put on a polo shirt, whose collar will give you a stylish and elegant look.

Polo shirts combine beautifully with jeans and shorts alike. Sleeve length and width is different in the different designs. Still, there are some rules to keep in mind when wearing a men’s t-shirt. CHECK HERE. Having looked at how different men’s t-shirt designs and lengths highlight your biceps, chest and so on, let’s now say a few words about the different fabrics of which t-shirts are made.

100% cotton is the fabric men’s t-shirts are mostly made of

The reasons are:

  • Cotton does not irritate even the most delicate skin, otherwise prone to rashes.
  • Keeps your body cool on hot summer days, while in winter cotton retains much more warmth than polyester fabrics.
  • Cotton fabrics naturally follow the contours of the body and are very comfortable to wear.
  • Cotton fabrics are non-conflicting and combine easily with every other fabric. That’s why cotton t-shirts are indispensable in every man’s wardrobe.

In the second part of this article, we are going to talk about the different men’s t-shirt designs and cuts, and explain why cotton t-shirts fit in so many lines and styles in men’s fashion.

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