Men’s cap has always sparked some controversy in the world of fashion. Does wearing a men’s cap make your style sporty-elegant and modern, or does it take you back to your teenage years?

This is a question that every man who follows the latest clothing trends asks himself. However, the question is not correct, because in this case, it does not matter whether the cap will be present in your wardrobe. The question is, why it hasn’t become part of your life yet.

Let us show you how to wear a cap and stay true to your style at the same time.

Men’s Cap has been a fashionable item for centuries now

Just like the T-shirt and hoodie, the cap was first designed as a sports accessory. In 1860, the Brooklyn Excelsiors wore the ancestor of the modern rounded-top baseball cap, which featured a long peak and a button on top. Gradually, the baseball cap became a defining symbol of the different teams. At the same time, we should not forget its main purpose – to protect players’ eyes from the sun. It wasn’t until 50 years later that the cap with a visor left the baseball pitch and entered the world of men’s fashion. The cap’s sudden leap to men’s wardrobes in the early 20th century was the result of people’s watching more and more sports on TV.

In the world of men’s caps, there is a wide variety of designs, colors, or combinations of colors.

Caps are made of so many fabrics that provide designers with a virtually unlimited choice. But how do you choose the right cap to escape the unwanted teenage look and stay true to your style?  There are several clothing combinations in which the men’s cap with a visor fits perfectly. In case your favorite casual outfit is a shirt, fitted pants, and a blazer, be sure to choose a cap made of the appropriate fabric. Velvet, wool, or suede will be the right choice.

In this way, the cap will give you some extra elegance. The cap with a visor is always associated with summer. Yes, this is the season when this accessory feels at home. Choose a cap with a distinctive design to spice up the traditional combination of shorts and a t-shirt. Make sure that the color of your cap matches that of at least one other part of your outfit.

Until 20 years ago, even the bravest designers could not imagine that a men’s suit would go well with a cap. Today, If you want to get yourself noticed, put on a sports suit of the right fabric and combine it with a pair of sport-elegant shoes and a cap to match them.  This shows what a versatile men’s fashion accessory the cap is. The cap with a visor has always been an inseparable part of urban culture. Classic street fashion is defined by the combination of a T-shirt or hoodie with jeans and a cap.


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