A t-shirt and shorts – every man’s favorite combination

How short should shorts be? What fabric should we choose for the perfect balance between comfort and style? Where and when is it acceptable to wear shorts? How to wear men’s shorts and not look like a naughty schoolboy?

These are only some of the questions that 1INMIND’s Ultimate Guide to Wearing Men’s Shorts is going to answer.

Like any other men’s garment, shorts have a history and a first wearer

When were shorts designed? Men only began wearing shorts around the end of the Second World War. During this time, soldiers in the Tropics began to wear them for convenience. When shorts first entered civilian men’s fashion, their popularity did not span farther than the local gym.

Little by little, shorts became part of schoolchildren’s uniform. If there still are men who consider shorts to be inappropriate clothing outside the home, we hope to make them shed their prejudices.

When and where to wear shorts?

There are a few basic rules to follow when putting on a pair of shorts. First, weather conditions should be appropriate. Second, your decision to wear shorts should not make you look out of place. For example, shorts and a blazer is a rather extravagant combination that may still be OK if you were in Bermuda. However, even extravagant billionaires do not show up at formal business talks in shorts.

How long should shorts be?

The inseam of Shorts that are not designed for sports should be about an inch above the knee. Short pants are for the soccer pitch or the tennis court only. Shorts should not be too long either. Shorter guys should stick to this rule. Finally, make sure that your shorts’ design and the cut fits your build.

How wide should men’s shorts be?

Too wide shorts will make your legs look skinny. This definitely is an unwanted look. Neither should you wear shorts that are too tight-fitting. It’s just not sexy. However, you can experiment when it comes to choosing the color pattern of your shorts. This is because shorts are casualwear. Still, blue, black, and white are the most stylish colors.

What clothes go well with shorts?

A T-shirt is the first thing that comes to mind. This is everybody’s favorite combination in summer. The variety of designs and colors lets you show a different look every day.

On cooler summer days, you can put on a hoodie or a light bomber jacket over your t-shirt. You can rest assured that your sports-elegant look won’t suffer.

A sports shirt or a polo shirt also goes well with trousers, especially on the beach or by the pool.


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