The T-shirt is a staple in every man’s wardrobe

The T-shirt’s standard design is popular worldwide, but the most popular of all men’s clothes has also got a less-known variation – that of the extended, slightly wide design. The longline t-shirt is not an everyday choice. To make sure that wearing a longline T-shirt will not ruin your style, follow the tips in 1INMIND’s Ultimate Guide to Wearing Longline T-shirts.

If you are making your first steps in the world of extended men’s wear, you should be curious but careful. The tricky part is that your stylish elongated shirt can easily turn into a dress.

Be careful what you wear with your longline t-shirt

You can put a jacket or a sweatshirt over your t-shirt, but you should choose the right design.

Also, you should not pick up the longest available t-shirt in the store. Why don’t you start with the one that is just a bit longer than your favorite t-shirt? If you feel comfortable, you can gradually increase your t-shirt’s length.

The longline t-shirt is not a good choice for formal business meetings. However, wearing an extended shirt and a blazer at your company’s party will send a clear message that you aren’t afraid to assert your style.

Wearing an longline garment is an accent, not a style per se

When choosing a garment, keep in mind that it’s an accent in your overall style, but should not define your entire look.

On the contrary, a pair of slim-fit jeans and a longline t-shirt is a nice combination that speaks of good taste. As with any other aspect of sports-elegant men’s fashion, you should wear not more than one elongated garment at a time.

Your t-shirt’s color is also very important

A t-shirt speaks with its design and does not need any stamps or imprints. Stick to plain colors and simple designs, instead. Men’s t-shirts sell mostly in black, navy blue, and white. You should also consider the fabric it’s made of.

Due to their flexibility and elasticity, cotton-based or synthetic fabrics are mostly used to make that type of men’s clothes. Go with smooth, not embossed fabrics. The t-shirt’s length, but not the fabric should be the highlight of your outfit.

The clean design, the right color, and the right pattern of the fabric make the perfect men’s garment.

The fact that many musicians and singers appear on stage in extended outfits is telling enough. It appears that elongated men’s garments are still in fashion and the end of their reign is nowhere in sight.

1INMIND’s designers have developed a mini-collection of just a few elongated men’s t-shirt models that you can still find in our online fashion store. Comfortable and pleasant to wear, these models follow the latest trends in men’s sports-elegant fashion, but at the same time remain true to our signature style.

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