Shopping online can be fun and exciting. It certainly has many advantages, but there also are some pitfalls. This article will try to cover the basics of online shopping and give you some valuable tips.


Shopping online has one huge advantage – you can go around hundreds of stores in a matter of minutes. Checking out just one section of a physical store takes much longer. You can easily browse through hundreds of different products. Fashionable clothes, the latest GoPro camera, a new skateboard, or a bike – everything is just one click away!

Online shopping is much less stressful. There are no annoying sales consultants, no crowds to run into, no quarrels, no irritating background noises. There are no external factors to distract you. You open your browser, go to a site, and start shopping.

You have unlimited freedom.  You can listen to music or have your morning coffee while shopping online. You don’t have to worry about what to put on to go to the shops. When you do it online, it doesn’t matter.

In short, online shopping is easy, you keep everything under control, and you are free to do whatever you want.


There always are two sides to a coin. Having listed the advantages of online shopping, we feel a bit uneasy having to point out its disadvantages as well.

Online shopping gives you unlimited access to thousands of stores, but you still can’t do some of the simple things you take for granted when you go to a physical retailer. Here are some examples.

When you shop for clothes, you can’t try on the garment you’ve chosen. Let’s say you see a cool sweatshirt online and decide to order it. You will not be able to measure it until it arrives at your door. When you receive it, it can be half a size smaller or larger than yours. Even if the size is right, you may still not like how it fits you.

You can’t touch the fabric

Like it or not, but sometimes what you see on your device’s screen isn’t what you get delivered to your doorstep. When you choose a garment, you can’t touch the fabric it’s made of. The item’s HD picture may look perfect on your screen, there are many photoshop wizards out there, but you can still get something that looks and feels like an old rug that’s just been washed ashore.

Fortunately, most online stores have a return policy, but the procedure is tedious and time-consuming. Having to return something you’ve been waiting for for so long can be a huge disappointment.

To sum up, you can’t try clothes on, you can’t touch the fabric, and shipment can take too long.

Online Shopping Pro Tips

Shopping online certainly has both advantages and disadvantages. Here are some tips to help you avoid some of the most common pitfalls. You may not be able to try an item on, but there are ways to minimize the risk of having to return it.

Know your size

You must be wondering, “My size?” YES! Measure your legs, hips, calves, arms, biceps, chest, neck, and shoulders, and write the values in a table. Online shops usually have size charts to help you pick up the right size and fit.

Typical sizes like S, M, L, or XL can give you a general idea of a garment’s size. However, they can differ by region. Make sure that your size matches the one in the online shop’s chart. It is an even better idea to compare the values in the size chart with the measures of a similar garment in your wardrobe.

Fabrics & materials

When it comes to the fabric, even though you can’t feel it, there are ways to get around this obstacle. First, read the description of the garment you have chosen. Find out what it is made of and what materials are used. Check out the composition, i.e., 90% cotton and 10% elastane, then check your wardrobe for something with the same texture.

For further info, you can check out different fabrics online. Their detailed descriptions will surely give you a good idea of how they feel to touch. Avoid online clothes stores that do not provide information about sizes and materials.

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