You have probably faced the challenge to find the right clothes for the summer season more than once. Have you come across t-shirts with interesting patterns and prints, but made of uncomfortable fabrics, or comfortable ones, but with a boring design? Well, so have we.

The Perfect T-shirt Makes You Special

Each of us is looking for THAT SPECIAL T-shirt – an interesting design made of top-quality materials that stands out in the crowd. In pursuit of the perfect design, we got inspired to create the perfect t-shirt for the modern city man.

We at 1INMIND Original are always thinking of new ways to help you express your style. Our designers and technologists have created the innovative “Longline Free” design, which features an elongated and slightly tailored cut.

The side zippers not only make the t-shirt more interesting but also allow extra space at the waist, thus combining eccentricity and practicality. The sleeves are 2/4-long, but this design is also suitable for people who prefer more standard lengths. That’s how we came up with the idea of adjustable sleeves with elastane at their lower part.

At 1INMIND, the T-shirt isn’t just a garment, it’s art

For us, the T-shirt is not just a T-shirt, it is art. We bring every design to perfection by paying great attention to even the tiniest details. Inspired by the idea that not everything should be taken at its face value, the graphic designers of 1INMIND Original created THE NUCLEAR POWER TREE.

This design evokes an initial sense of nature, creating the illusion of a tree crown. A closer look reveals a cloud of ash forming the so-called “mushroom cloud” following a nuclear blast. The idea of evoking two opposite feelings at the same time is what makes this design special.

Our approach is bold, daring, and energetic. Our mission is to create a new vision of fashion. With our clothes, we dare you to experience a real storm of emotions. This new vision has united thousands of urban fashion fans around the world.

Be different, be brave, be 1INMIND!

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