Three years have passed since we launched 1INMIND, and so many things have changed. What started as an extravagant idea has now become a way of life for us, the 1inmind team, and for the thousands of people all over the world who embraced our vision.

We Are Happy to Announce Collection Number Six

Our sixth collection is inspired by urban fashion with an underground touch, combined with discreet elegance. Our designers and technologists have made the clothing items out of the finest quality materials and fabrics.

GROWTH – the result of hard work and the right choices

Our sixth collection is called GROWTH. This growth is the result of hard work and the right choices made at the right time. We grew stronger in times of trouble, but at the same time, we were tolerant and patient when we had to.

We have developed a strong emotional bond with the clothes we make. The GROWTH Collection is the best 1INMIND has ever launched.

We offer you more colors and an upgraded fashion line

Staying true to our style and our vision of urban fashion, we now offer you more colors and an updated line. Many of the designs emphasize the contours of the body. This is the result of our collaboration with designer Maria Kasabova, founder of the fashion brand MOYYA.

And not only this! Get ready for not one, but two new brands with a stunning variety of designs and styles. Stay tuned for the collection’s biggest surprise: the designs for women will be unveiled soon!

Let’s keep the rest secret, for now! We want to thank everyone who supported 1INMIND to develop this collection. We are honored to work with such professionals and we believe that this time we will make an even bigger splash in urban fashion.

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