Big city life often makes us wear clothes that are formal, but also impractical and uncomfortable. Our new collection, Young Chills, was born from our desire to combine practicality and style so that our customers do not have to make compromises with either.

Following this principle, we have developed our autumn-winter collection under the telling name “Young Chills” which emulates the spirit of urban culture.

Each garment that 1INMIND’s designers create is original and very comfortable

Our designs are specially created to meet the challenges of big city life. The fabrics used in our new collection are suitable for the changing weather conditions typical for this time of year.

In this way, our customers will not only feel comfortable in their clothes, but they will also be well-protected from the elements. The quality fabrics designed specifically for 1INMIND give our customers unlimited freedom of movement.

1INMIND’s Outerwear Fabrics Are Wind and Waterproof

Our jogger pants and sweatshirts are made of elastic fibers that guarantee absolute comfort while you are enjoying your favorite sport.

1INMIND’s two-layer men’s bomber jackets are stylish and reliable. The outer layer is made of waterproof and windproof “Memory” fabric that easily withstands adverse weather conditions. The cotton wool linen on the inside keeps you warm and comfortable. The jacket’s solid zippers are practical and reinforce the outer layer.

1INMIND’s Clothes Symbolize Style & Comfort

Each model from the new Young Chills collection will be released in a limited series because we want our customers to stand out in the crowd and feel special.

The predominant colors will again be dark, but you’ll also notice some colorful models that will certainly provoke your imagination.

The new collection includes our top models, but stay tuned for some major upgrades and new details. In addition to the special fabrics, our designers have created new cuts that combine the casual with the sporty-elegant style.

The Young Chills Collection Impresses with Mega-cool Stamps

1INMIND’s Young Chills collection impresses with its stunning stamps, signs, and imprints. All of the new models are environmentally-friendly, made of 100% natural materials. This includes the imprints, in which only water-based dyes have been used.

In this way, we avoid the risk of an allergic reaction in people with increased sensitivity to artificial materials. The rubberized 3D materials used in some of the stamps give our new collection a distinctive and inimitable character.

Young Chills is what every active person needs to keep up with the fast-paced city life. The unique design of our models makes you feel comfortable in your neighborhood, in the park, in the subway, and wherever you go. Our new collection represents the true spirit of urban culture.

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