Not so long ago, the hoodie and the sweatshirt were considered part of the troublemaker’s wardrobe along with the black hat, the draw-string bag, and the striped attire. Over the years, the hoodie and the sweatshirt ceased to be symbols of the angry youth culture and became part of casual men‘s fashion.

The 1INMIND’s Guide to Wearing a Hoodie in Style

Before descending into the underworld, the hoodie was a favorite outfit of Olympic and world champions. A U.S. sportswear maker claims to have made the first hoodie design at some time in the 1930s. Its primary purpose was to keep athletes warm and dry in bad weather.

Since then, the hoodie’s popularity has reached the hip-hop and the urban culture including skaters, snowboarders, and students. Wearing a hoodie and sweatshirt proves a simple fact: men’s favorite clothes are the most practical and comfortable ones. The hoodie offers just that – comfort, practicality, and freedom.

The Hoodie’s Great Comeback

The return of the hoodie shows that sportswear has become part of our daily life. Wearing a hoodie is not just a way to express yourself. We mostly wear hoodies when we need to put on something practical and warm.

Depending on the design, the hoodie can be part of one’s sporty-elegant style, or express one’s rage against the system. In any case, you will always be warm and comfortable in a hoodie. The combination of a hoodie on a round-neck T-shirt, a coat, jeans, and a pair of shoes to match is an expression of men’s elegance with a pinch of recklessness.

The Perfect Hoodie Fabric

The fabric your hoodie is made of is very important. When choosing a hoodie or a sweatshirt, look for natural fabrics. Cotton is the most popular choice because it gives the wearer long-lasting warmth and comfort. The message your hoodie sends out is also important.

A hoodie with zipped closures gives a sporty look, while button-closed designs show elegance. For a stylish and determined look, always wear hoodies and sweatshirts that fit you well. The I’ve-just-put-on-a-bag look should be avoided at all times.

As with T-shirts, it is important to choose the right size of hoodie. Consider the length of the sleeves, the shoulder curve, and the width of your torso.

1INMIND’s Unique Hoodie Design

The 1INMIND designers have created hoodie designs that are as versatile as today’s tastes. The hoodies and the sweatshirts that you can find in our online store will make you stand out in the crowd and will get your message across. You can be sure to find a design that expresses your true self. We stand by our brand with the constantly high quality of our products. You can rely on our experts to help you make the right choice.

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